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The Southern Arizona Gamers Association (SAGA)

About SAGA

The Southern Arizona Gamers Association (SAGA) is a non-profit organization whose charter is to promote a culture of family gaming and to foster a closer relationship between the community at large in Southern Arizona and hobby games industry. Essentially, SAGA is an organized social club for people who love to play games. We promote the social and developmental benefits of gaming. Many of SAGA members are published game authors, hobby games industry insiders, working professionals, distinguished military and accomplished students.

SAGA is funded by the charitable donations and sponsorship by many local businesses and by several publishing companies in the hobby games industry.

If you'd like to support SAGA by providing volunteer hours, donating your old games to the growing game library or giving some tax-deductible financial support, please contact us today.

For general inquiries about SAGA and SAGA events, contact info@rincongames.com.